Enhanced H.264

Enhanced H.264

Witnessing the ever-increasing requirements of greater resolutions for surveillance industry, people are vulnerable to, though enjoying benefits from highly crystal images, ensuing side effects, among which serious bandwidth exploitations due to heavier bit rates widely dominates.

Based on the top mainstream H.264 codec that is widely adopted by numerous parties worldwide, we spare no efforts in sharpening it further, accomplishing the proudly so-said Enhanced H.264 codec to solve the critical issues pertaining to weightier bit rates production which harshly perplexes most of the users worldwide

The proprietary iZone and iStream subordinate to Enhanced H.264 allow users to set up a dynamically self-own configuration that guarantees images quality above the average, while, at the same time, efficiently cuts down the expected bit rates production depending on varied applications. For most of the users selecting H.264 worldwide, we are highly recommend you to resort to our latest Enhanced H.264 codec, and you will be promised with an array of great advantages as follows:


  • Rooted on the mainstream H.264 codec which is widely prevailing among several end users
  • Fully compatible with multifarious back-end NVR systems from several 3rd parties 
  • Prominently decrease bit rate by at least 70% on average over the general H.264 codec
  • Save large investment on peripheral storage device, covering more recordings with minimal capacity