Enhanced IR

Enhanced IR

To provide sufficient illumination for dimly lit environment is the prerequisite for recognizable video images. In surveillance industry, this is particularly important and for most of the time Infrared Radiation, a.k.a. IR, is the best suitable method we generally take advantage of.

Nevertheless, few defects also come with IR utilization. Spotlight effect, first of all, usually occurs when zoom in and out actions are executed in that conventional IR can’t synchronize with zoom magnifications. Overexposure effect, on the other hand, takes place due to insufficient adaption of IR intensity and distance while object appears in the close proximity of camera. The two factors above are the very incentives for us to better develop the Enhanced IR technology for several demanding scenarios of surveillance applications.

Integrated with both Adaptive IR, which flexibly adjusts IR FOV angles via multiple groups of physical IRs, and Smart IR that exerts refining software algorism in auto exposure, the Enhanced IR can no doubt facilitate worldwide users to have intelligent deployment in low-light environments, offering the best readiness for cameras in face of dynamic changes in night views. Users who adopt our cameras embedded with Enhanced IR will benefit greatly by the following features.


  • No more spotlight by solidly multiple IR groups design that reacts to lens zoom in and out actions resiliently
  • Free from overexposure via precisely tuned software algorism, particularly effective for moving object close to camera
  • Always adequate IR light intensity for dynamic changes, greatly decreasing digital noises and overall bit rates